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A Little Bit About Me

Originally from Greenville, South Carolina, my runner’s high started out in high school to relieve stress. While running college XC and track, I was able to further develop my passion and work ethic in the sport. After I graduated, I found my one true love (Sorry, Ross 😜): endurance racing. My favorite races are the half marathon and the full marathon, but I don’t discriminate against any chance I get to cross a finish line. 


 My passion now lies in helping other people find, maintain, and promote their Runner’s High. I am a certified USATFA coach, and continually work on my education. I also run for the Strictly Running Racing Team out of Columbia, South Carolina.  When I am not running, or spending time with my husband and dogs, I am scouting out new murder documentaries, learning something new (I LOVE all things languages and exercise science), or stuffing my face with ice cream (because...balance, right?). 

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