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My main mission is to benefit athletes who wish to improve their long distance running capabilities and performance. Whether couch to 5k, weekend warrior, or elite athlete, Runner’s High exists to help runners reach their goals and improve their performance and well-being. I believe that the road to happy, healthy running is holistic; Diet, sleep, hydration, and recovery all combine to impact your overall Runner’s High. Contact me to get yours, today!

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I started working with Jessa when I was in a running rut.  I had been running for several years and had completed quite a few races.  Though I always started my training early, I knew that I must be doing something wrong since every race had predictable injuries/pains: shin pain on one side at mile 7, opposite ankle pain on mile 8, etc.  I found myself discouraged and hurting after races and would often take lengthy breaks from running after each one.  Once I started training with Jessa, that all changed.  She listened to my running history, including my concerns over recurring injuries, helped me choose the correct running shoes for my gait, and created a personal training plan.  Her plan was completely different from the generic plans I had seen online and used in the past and were very specific to my timing and abilities.  Each week, I looked forward to seeing my new training plan pop up, when in the past, most training runs felt like a slog.  The first half marathon I ran under Jessa's training, I hit mile 7 and was pain free.  Same at mile 8.  In fact, I completed the race without any of my usual pains, just the soreness I would expect after a long (for me) run.  She has improved my speed greatly and has made running much more enjoyable.  Her training style is compassionate, but tough love.  Some days it's hot and humid, but you have to get out there.  She won't be easy on you and tell you to skip your run, but she also lets you make your own decisions since it is YOUR training.  I highly recommend utilizing her training!

Michelle B.

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